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about usThe “Lizin” experimental-commercial factory was one of the primer biotechnological organizations in USSR. It was the only producer of L-lysine in the Republic of Armenia. The capacity of the factory was 1000 tons per year of crystallized lysine.

The main portion of the necessary resources for production of crystallized lysine was imported through railroads and the ready products were exported to the other countries of USSR. Due to the energetic and resource crisis that was caused by the disintegration of USSR the factory had to abruptly reduce its productivity. In 1993 the organization totally terminated the production activity. 

Nowadays, after numerous technological reconstructions the “Lizin” OJSC was re-establish based on the biotechnological line of the L- lysine that was converted into the drinking ethanol and fodder yeast production lines. In the mean time the production of protein-vitamin complexes was established based on the grain ethanol production withdrawal. Protein-vitamin complexes are used in high quality fodder concentrate production with productivity of 10 tons per day. The line for granular combined feed for birds, cattle and fish is set up as well.

All the production blocks that are mentioned above are linked to each other, therefore the factory at whole, can be considered as waste less.
The capacity of the factory allows increasing the production of the combined feeds in parallel with increasing production of ethanol.

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